Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three Things

1. I have a guest post at Bitch Flicks on the movies Water Lilies and Tomboys. You should read it. (Also, if you never read the post I did for them last year on No Country For Old Men, you should read that too.)

2. I've been diagnosed with PMDD. I start Prozac next week; fingers crossed that will make me feel more generally positive, more motivated, and capable of updating more often.

3. I've never had cause to institute a comment policy here before, because there aren't enough comments to need moderating, but there have been a couple of nasty anons lately, whereof new comment policy: nasty anonymous comments will be deleted. Disagreement is welcome, provided it's conducted in a polite and constructive manner that's conducive to discussion. Anonymously posting “this sucks” or “you're wrong” contributes nothing to the conversation. (Anonymous positive comments, however, contribute to my self-esteem, and thus continue to be welcome.)

That is all. Keep calm and carry on.