Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh, London

I may have grown up in Alabama and Kenya and Scotland; I may be about to move thousands of miles away; I may have spent only about 15% of my life there - but, if there's anywhere in the world I consider home, it's London.

London! The very name sets my heart beating faster. City of culture unparalleled. City of sprawling humanity. City of my life's significant moments. City full of my friends and relatives.

Oh, London. Looking on from the outside, I don't understand what is going on; but my heart is very much inside you, burning as you burn, breaking as you break. Plague and fire, 7/7 and Blitz: every threat you've outlived has left you shattered, yet stronger.

I'm afraid and I'm appalled. I can only pray that people will come to their senses. I can only pray that the ones I love will be safe. I can only pray that my beloved city will cope.

London, my London... Be strong. Have faith. Bear up. You are Neverwhere, you are Un Lun Dun, you are Mother London. You are London. There's nothing you can't face down.

1 comment:

  1. Beautifully put! "Lahndahn" remains the city of my heart as well. Let's hope she stays strong.